The Japanese subject and the unconscious (part 2).

“It is, in other words, the moral plight/responsibility of psychoanalysis to urge subjects to think themselves from the sexual lack that marks their being and confront them with the sexual non-relation; ‘I’ll n’y a pas de rapport sexual.”

Understanding ‘Cuties’ from a psychoanalytical perspective

“Even though I stated above that Amy’s identification with the hypersexualized image of femininity needs to be understood as a refusal, I think that it is even more correct to understand her behaviour as an acting-out directed to the Islamic Other.”

On my style of reviewing

“Films deal, in essence, with the same fundamental question: How do one relates to oneself, the other, and the Other?”

Japan Cuts 2020: Our recommendations.

“We introduce our recommendations for this year’s Japan Cuts, including Labyrinth of Cinema (2019), Murders of Oiso (2019), Extro (2020), Roar (2019), and Shell and Joint (2019).”

Top 10 Japanese movies of 2018

To celebrate the end of this year and to whatever 2019 might bring, we happily release our top ten Japanese movies of 2018.