Ichi the killer (2001)



When a Yakuza boss named Anjo disappears with 300 million yen, his chief henchman, a sadomasochistic man named Kakihara, and the rest of his mob goons go looking for him. After capturing and torturing a rival Yakuza member looking for answers, they soon realize they have the wrong man and begin looking for the man named Jijii who tipped them off in the first place. Soon enough Kakihara and his men encounter Ichi, a psychotic, sexually-repressed young man.


Fantafestival 2002

Won   Best special effects

Fantasia Film Festival 2003

Third place  Fantasia Ground-Breaker Award (Takashi Miike)

Fantasporto 2003

Nominated International Fantasy Film Award Best Film (Takashi Miike)

Japanese Professional Movie Awards 2002

Won   Japanese Professional Movie Award Best Film (Takashi Miike)

Neuchâtel International Fantasy Film Festival 2002

Won Jury award (Takashi Miike)

Nominated Narcisse Award Best Feature Film (Takashi Miike)


Release date: 22 december 2001 (Japan)
Production companies: Omega Project, Omega Micott Inc., Emperor Multimedia Group (EMG), Star Max, Alpha Group, Spike Co., Ltd., Excellent Film
Producers: Akiko Funatsu, Dai Miyazaki
Cast: Tadanobu Asano, Shinya Tsukamoto, Nao Omori, Alien Sun
Director: Takashi Miike
Screenwriter: Sakichi Satō , based on the manga by Hideo Yamamoto.
Cinematographer: Hideo Yamamoto
Editor: Yasushi Shimamura
Composers: Karera Musication, Seiichi Yamamoto
Sound design: Yoshiya Obara
Costume design: Michiko Kitamura
Special effects: Misako Saka
129 minutes

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