Ox-Head Village (2022) review

A solid horror-movie that pleasantly utilizes a sense mystery to engage the spectator and fluidly integrated unsettling imagery to put the spectator ill at ease and even scare him/her.

Trail Of Blood (1972) review

Ikehiro stylishly celebrates the Matatabi film of the past and offers the chanbara-enthusiast enough sword-fighting action to satisfy him/her.

Setagaya Game (2023) review

The Ohara Bros do not only offer the spectator a pleasant concatenation of kicks and punches, but also deliver a touching emotional pay-off.

Dream of Euglena (2019) review

A heart-warming exploration of the importance of finding a dream/desire to give’s one conduct and speech its socially constructive direction.

Plan 75 (2022) review

Hayakawa hauntingly confronts the spectator with what would happen if the existence of the subject was radically reduced by the government to how much he/she financially contributes to the society.