The Other Home (2018) review [Camera Japan 2020]

Nishikawa shows, in a heartwarming way, that while there is a need to identify ourselves somewhat with the ideal image of our significant other, such identification should not be at the expense of our subjective position.

Be My Baby (2013) review

While the narrative has subtle comical flair, “Be My Baby” does not fail to confront the spectator with the two most important obstacles to romantic happiness: the refusal to take one’s own and the other’s subjective position into account and the unquenchable power of sexual desire.

Milocrorze: A Love Story (2011) review [Fantasia 2020]

“What makes Milocrorze: A Love Story truly wonderful is that Ishibashi, beyond offering a highly absurd narrative and rich visual ride, also delivers an exquisite commentary on the imaginary dimension in subjective functioning.”

Seafood Monster Wars (2020) review [Fantasia 2020]

“A silly Kaiju narrative that explores the selfish desires orienting male subjects, the centrality of the oral drive in the subject’s circuit of enjoyment, as well as the causal role human desires and drives play in the birth of (super-)natural disasters.”

On my style of reviewing

“Films deal, in essence, with the same fundamental question: How do one relates to oneself, the other, and the Other?”