Paradise Lost (2020) Review

“Fukuma delivers a highly original exploration of the subject’s need to secure a place for himself to desire from.”

Top 10 Japanese movies 2017

In short, Japanese cinema provided something for everyone – and through many of these cinematographical products a window on contemporary Japanese society was offered. Of course not all movies made this year are a must-see. So with our top 10, we aim to give a personal advice on which movies one should see.

All Time Best Top 10: Jun Tanaka. (Jp/Eng)

““Movies are not to understand something, but to crumble down what you thought you knew with a rattling noise”. With this movie, you can experience the words of this famous movie-critic.” Introduction To celebrate today’s announcement of Tanaka Jun’s Bamy being part of the Torino 35, the competition section of the Torino film festival, we…

Swaying Mariko (2017) Review

“[It] may at times feel rough around the edges, but Koji Segawa crafted a strange, compelling and (..) slightly confronting slice of life narrative (…) that [shows] that it is never good to leave things unsaid – and that only communication between subjects can mend a relationship and can safe subjects from the no-good position they fundamentally are.”

Dark Side of The Light (2016) Review

“The very tangible framing of (…) [the] disturbing irrationality [of abuse] and the denial of justice this irrationality introduces is Sakamaki’s greatest triumph.”

映画監督との話し合い: Tanaka Jun

First of all, thanks to Jun Tanaka to have taken the time to answer my questions. The interview was conducted bilingually and the English translation of the interview will be published in the coming week. The decision to publish the Japanese version has a simple reason; the signifiers he uses are his own. As such…

Bamy (2017) Review

“Bamy is a fresh and compelling narrative, […] framing the unsettling unheimlich so sensible on the silver screen. […] we can’t wait till Tanaka’s cinematographical style comes into full bloom.”