The snow white murder case (2012)

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Japan, the present day. The burnt and stabbed body of a beautiful young woman is found in Shigure Valley National park: the victim is Miki Noriko (Nanao Airi/荒井菜々緒), a woman who works for Hinode, a cosmetics manufacturer, whose most famous product is Snow White beauty soap.

After Kana Risako (Renbutsu Misako, 蓮佛美沙子), the rather goofy coworker of Miki, is questioned by the police, she calls her old school friend Akahoshi Yuji (Ayano Go/綾野剛), a low-level part-time TV news journalist, who spends most of his time reviewing noodle shops on Twitter. While she ventilates and shares some office gossip pertaining to the murder, Yuji – his online name is Red Star- live-tweets their conversation. Seeing this case and the coverage thereof as a possible career-maker, he decides to interview Miki’s other co-workers, e.g.  the gossipy Mi-chan (Erena Ono, 小野恵令奈) and manager Satoshi Shinoyama (Nobuaki Kaneko, 金子ノブアキ).

Soon enough, while conducting the various interviews and teasing forthcoming revelations on the internet, suspicion falls on the shy and plain Shironi Miki (Inoue Mao, 井上真央). On the night of the murder, after the farewell dinner for Mayama (Miyaji Mao, 宮地真緒), a colleague who’s about to retire, Miki gave the victim a lift and was last seen running for an express train to Tokyo, which marked her disappearance. Besides these sightings, the rumours concerning her jealousy and her responsibility for the recent chain of petty thievery all strengthen the suspicion.

Eventually Yuji gets the chance to make a news segment about the case, which sets the internet further ablaze; Miki quickly becomes demonized by various posters.


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Release date: 29 March 2014.
Production company: The snow white murder case production committee (Shochiku broadcasting , Shueisha , JR East planning , Pia , Hakuhodo , GyaO!)
Producers: Tadashi Ohsumi.
Cast: Mao Inoue , Gô Ayano, Nanao, Misako Renbutsu, Nobuaki Kaneko, Shihori Kanjiya, Erena Ono, Mitsuki Tanimura, Katsuhisa Namase, Shunsuke Daitô Yoko Akino, Dankan, Yorie Yamashita, Tairiku, Kenta, Suguru, Mao Miyaji, Aki Asakura, Ini Kusano, Chiaki Kawamo, Yuka Nomura 
Screenwriter: Tamio Hayashi (Based on the novel of the same name by Kanae Minato.) 
Director: Yoshihiro Nakamura.
Assistant directors: //
Cinematographer: Gen Kobayashi.
Editor: Isao Kawase.
Music: Yaskawa Umaro.
Recording: Matsumoto Noborikazu.
Art direction: Takashi Nishimura.
Lightning: Hori Naoyuki.
126 minutes
Official website:

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