Forma (2013)


In a chance meeting on the streets of Tokyo, Ayako Kaneshiro (Nagisa Umeno) is reunited with her high school classmate Yukari Hosaka (Emiko Matsuoka). Ayako generously offers Yukari an office job at her company. However, Ayako soon grows critical and cold toward her former friend. Yukari feels increasingly pressured, but Ayako has her reasons. Ayako’s bitterness deepens, putting a strain on the relationshipwith her workaholic single father (Ken Mitsuishi). Unable to bear it any longer, Ayako confronts Yukari and their pent-up emotions explode. What lies at the end of this cycle of hatred?


Berlin International Film Festival 2014

Won   FIPRESCI Prize (Forum/Ayumi Sakamoto)                                            

Hong Kong International Film Festival 2014

Won   Firebird Award – Special Mention (Young Cinema/Ayumi Sakamoto)
Nominated   FIPRESCI Prize (Ayumi Sakamoto)
Nominated   Golden Firebird Award (Young cinema/Ayumi Sakamoto)

Tokyo International Film Festival 2013

Won   Japanese Cinema Splash Best Picture Award (Ayumi Sakamoto)


Release date: 18 october 2013 (Japan)
Production company: Kukuru Inc.
Producer: Fumiyuki Yanaka
Cast: Emiko Matsuoka, Nagisa Umeno, Seiji Nozoe, Ken Mitsuishi, Ryo Nishihara
Director: Ayumi Sakamoto
Screenwriter: Ryo Nishihara, based on an idea by Ayumi Sakamoto
Cinematographer: Shinya Yamada
Sound design: Masaru Takahashi
Sales company: Free Stone Productions, Tokyo
Unrated, 145 minutes

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