The Third Murder (2017) Review

An unsettling and powerful account of the problematic aspects marking Japan’s legal system – a system enabling the third murder.”

Top 10 Japanese movies of 2018

To celebrate the end of this year and to whatever 2019 might bring, we happily release our top ten Japanese movies of 2018.

Ten Years Japan (2018) review

“And while these alarming narratives might not be able to agitate Japanese politicians, [these narratives] is still a moving warning that everyone should see.”

After the storm (2016) review

“Kore-eda once again gently touches upon the fundamental importance of reminiscing the past and treasuring small moments of happiness, while underlining in a subtle but precise way the complexity of relationships.”

“Yureru proves to be a very intimate emotive meditation on the mendacity of identity and the subjectivity in experiencing reality. It is a sublime meditation we recommend to everyone.” Introduction In 2006 Miwa Nishikawa released her second feature film Yureru. As her first feature film, Wild Berries (2003), for which Kore-eda was the producer, garnished many awards,…

Mono no aware: An addendum to Umimachi diary in springtime

“The poetry of Yamato has one 􀂝heart􀂞 as seed and myriad words as leaves. This kokoro is the one that knows mono no aware.” (In preface of Kokinshū, see note 1). An Introduction for springtime. The Sakura trees are blossoming, the casket of nihonshu has been broken, the time to enjoy Ohanami with friends, lovers,…