All Time Best Top 10: Jun Tanaka. (Jp/Eng)



To celebrate today’s announcement of Tanaka Jun’s Bamy being part of the Torino 35, the competition section of the Torino film festival, we present Tanaka Jun’s personal all time best top 10 movies. Tanaka’s selection of movies is daring and interesting and provides a unorthodox insight in his way of thinking about movies and the cinematographical things he wants to pursue in future projects.

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First of all, thanks to Jun Tanaka to have taken the time to answer my questions. The interview was conducted bilingually and the English translation of the interview will be published in the coming week. The decision to publish the Japanese version has a simple reason; the signifiers he uses are his own. As such we can only a fully appreciate Tanaka’s answers in the language he was born in.

Our review of Tanaka’s first feature film Bamy can be found here.

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