kotokoKotoko (folk-singer Cocco), a young single mother, suffers from an unknown illness that makes her see double – especially people. One of the person she sees is real, while the other is an imagined double. This ‘hallucinated’ double aims to attack her or her young son and has thus a threatening quality for her. This severely impacts her day-to-day life, often leading her to lash out violently.

As the stress of nursing her child as a single mother increases, her double vision worsens. In spite of her effort, Kotoko fails to cope with the intrusion of the double, becoming a threat to her environment and her son. Eventually child protection intervenes and takes her child away.

The only thing that helps a little is singing. It is a way to eliminate, albeit temporary, her double vision. One day, she rides the bus and sings to herself. Seitaro Tanaka (Shinya Tsukamoto) hears her wonderful voice. Eventually they start a relationship.

Will she be able to get her child back? How will her relationship with Tanaka unfold?





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