Blind Woman’s Curse (1970) review

“Pleasure (…) is to be extracted from the visuals (…) so beautifully framed by the cinematography, and from the way Meiko Kaji with her mesmerizing performance synthesizes the narrative’s mix of genres.”

Outrage Beyond (2012) review

“A tense (…) voyeuristic trip through the private spaces of the gokudōsha that unfortunately is not able to underline the futility of violence in the same palpable way as its predecessor.”

Deadly Fight in Hiroshima (1973) Review

“[This] faithful account of the post-war Japanese underworld is downright fabulous to behold, [and the] lack of humanity [that underpins the narrative] (…) a serene but (…) depressing confrontation with the deregulating nature of man’s enjoyment beyond any heroism whatsoever.”

Ryuji (1983) [review]

“An artful narrative that brings the problematic given of (assuming) one’s ego in the Other, the imaginary-symbolic discourse structuring reality, to the fore.”