Yūgen and Iki, the radical beauty of women a psychoanalytic perspective (Part 2).


Iki and the question of Yūgen.

One might wonder what the concrete situation was that revealed the value of the Japanese aesthetics to me. It all happened on a rather quiet evening in Dotonbori street, while I was waiting for my friend. In this moment of waiting, this moment of inhaling (with various senses) the atmosphere of Osaka, I happened to observe a quick and tiny gesture of a woman. While she was looking at the counter, her head slightly bend, she let one of her fingers rest for a moment at the  edge of her underlip.

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An ordinary way of saying what’s to come

Hello, こんにちわ, to everyone who’s reading this, to everyone whose interest in Japanese culture (the high and/or the low arts) made him find this blog.

I want to give everyone a brief heads-up, a brief look into the future. No, not into your future, but into the future of this blog. For this, I ask, like Robin Hood in Mel Brooks’ Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993): “Lend me your ears”.

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