Synopsis Yukiyo Fujimoto is a temp worker living in Tokyo, Japan. He has never held a steady job or had a girlfriend:. As he is about to turn 30, he is suddenly contacted by several women from his past: former co-worker and music enthusiast Aki Doi, younger friend and amateur photographer Itsuka Nakashiba, previous love interest Natsuki Komiyama, and former high school classmate and juvenile delinquent Naoko Hayashida. Yukiyo realizes that he is experiencing what is called his “moteki”. With Yukiyo’s timid character and bitter experiences can he handle his new found popularity? (Click here for character chart) Awards

66th Television Drama Academy Awards

 Won Special Award

2011 Tokyo Drama Awards

Won  Best Drama

2011 Tokyo Drama Awards

Won Best Supporting Actress – Mitsushima Hikari


Broadcast period: 16/07/2010 to 01/10/2010
Production company: TV Tokyo
producer: Abe Shinji, Ichiyama Ryuji, Okabe Shinji  (chief producer), Tsuyuki Yukieda (assistant producer).
Director: One Hitoshi (大根仁)
Screenwriter: One Hitoshi (based on the manga Moteki written by Kubo Mitsuro)
Cast: Moriyama Mirai, Izumisawa Yuuki, Nonami Maho, Mitsushima Hikari, Matsumoto Rio, Kikuchi Rinko, Shida Maki, Arai Hirofumi, Hori Mayumi, Lily Franky, Hamano Kenta,Nobukawa Seijun, Denden, Tomura Michiko 
Format:  Renzoku (連続 / れんぞく)  (see note)
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: TV Tokyo
Music: Iwasaki Taisei 
Theme song: Yoake no BEAT by Fujifabric
Ending theme song: J-POP by Half-Life
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Note: Renzoku ( 連続 / れんぞく)  means the act of following in sequence, a sequence of things arranged in order or just succession. It this case it refers to a continuation Japanese drama, i.e. a drama that goes on for more than one episode.

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