Japanese cinema newsflashes (29/01/2020).

“In this news article, we provide information about upcoming screenings, present a short review of Hikari’s 37 Seconds, inform directors of the Call of Entries for the SKIP CITY International Festival, and introduce the winners of this years Blue Ribbon Awards.”

監督との話し合い: Matsumoto Yusaku [日本語]

In celebration of Noise winning first place at psycho-cinematography’s top 10 Japanese movies of 2017, we also sat down with Matsumoto Yusaku (松本優作) to talk about his first full-length feature, the process of creating his debut narrative, his past and his future.

Noise (2017) Review

“A slow, subdued but very powerful narrative about the importance of human connection and the far-reaching subjective effects modern Japanese capitalistic society can have on the subject […] that will long linger in the spectator’s mind.”