11 Japanese movies to watch in quarantine.

“With Covid-19 raging throughout the world, many people are ‘ordered’/asked by their governments to stay inside and socially distance themselves. To overcome this harsh time, we compiled a list of ten amazing and easily available Japanese movies to watch during these strange and difficult times.¬†“

Fires on the plain (2014) review.

“As blood splatters around and flying limbs are flying too, the narrative etches an unsettling and claustrophobic encounter with the demise of humanity.”

Love and other cults (2017) Review

“[The]¬†subtle blend of (…) emotional layers, (…) evoke[s] the difficulties a subject can have in finding a place to call home, implicitly implying that a sense of belonging is only to be found in a place conditioned by one or more meaningful human relations as such.”