Top 10 Japanese movies 2017

In short, Japanese cinema provided something for everyone – and through many of these cinematographical products a window on contemporary Japanese society was offered. Of course not all movies made this year are a must-see. So with our top 10, we aim to give a personal advice on which movies one should see.

Talks with directors: Matsumoto Shingo

In this enlightening interview, Matsumura explains how he became a movie director, the joys and difficulties of independent movie making, the source of comedy, and of course about love and romance.

前置き (英語) Our second guest for Talks with movie directors is Matsumura Shingo, the director of Striking Out in Love (2013) and Love and Goodbye And Hawaii (2016) – our review of this narrative can be found here. We sincerely want to express our thanks to him for answering our questions and to provide an insight in…