Kuma Elohim (2018) review

“A captivating exploration of the conflictual tension between sexual desire, love, and plight.”

Top 10 Japanese movies 2017

In short, Japanese cinema provided something for everyone – and through many of these cinematographical products a window on contemporary Japanese society was offered. Of course not all movies made this year are a must-see. So with our top 10, we aim to give a personal advice on which movies one should see.

Swaying Mariko (2017) Review

“[It]┬ámay at times feel rough around the edges, but Koji Segawa crafted a strange, compelling and (..) slightly confronting slice of life narrative (…) that [shows] that it is never good to leave things unsaid – and that only communication between subjects can mend a relationship and can safe subjects from the no-good position they fundamentally are.”