Along The Sea (2021) review

An amazing and highly relevant narrative that succeeds in exposing the dark exploitative and de-subjectifying tendencies of Japanese society.

Noise (2017) [Final version] review

“This questioning, framed with thoughtful cinematography and brought to life by deeply nuanced performances, will long linger in the spectator’s mind.”

種をまく人 (2016) レビュー (日本語)

「竹内洋介。彼は明確なヴィジョンを持った映画監督であり、それを誠実に銀幕に描き出すことのできる才能を証明した。人間模様を描く彼の次回作を、我々は待ちきれない。」 導入 映画の物語が、有名な画家の芸術と人生に触発されることは、珍しいことだ。映画「種をまく人」の場合で言うと、オランダの画家・ヴィンセント・ヴァン・ゴッホの人生、より具体的に言えば「種をまく人」や「ひまわり」の絵画、これらの要素が一体化し、物語を竹内洋介に紡がせた。

The Sower (2016) review [Camera Japan Festival]

“Yosuke Takeuchi has prove(n) himself to be a director with a clear vision and the talent to sincerely paint his vision on the silver screen. We can’t wait for his second cinematographical adventure in the human interest genre.”

Noise (2017) Review

“A slow, subdued but very powerful narrative about the importance of human connection and the far-reaching subjective effects modern Japanese capitalistic society can have on the subject […] that will long linger in the spectator’s mind.”