Jigoku (地獄/Hell) (1960)


After the official announcement of the engagement of Shimizu (Shigeru Amachi), a young Tokyo theology student, and Yukiko (Utako Mitsuya), the daughter of his professor, Mr. Yajima (Torahiko Nakamura), the uninvited Tamura (Yôichi Numata) urges Shimizu to go home. While taking a side street at Shimizu’s request, Tamura hits and kills Kyoichi Shiga (Hiroshi Izumida), a leader of the Gondo gang. Kyoichi’s mother (Kiyoko Tsuji), who has witnessed the hit and run, vouches together with Yoko (Akiko Ono), his girlfriend, to avenge his death.

But disaster strikes soon again for the guild-ridden Shimizu; his girlfriend dies in a car accident; his mother falls ill and he’s urged to return home, … . Not long after his arrival in Tenjoen the enigmatic and mysterious Tamura appears, pointing each and every person at their sinful existence. Once again disaster lurks right around the corner.




Jigoku review.

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