Mimicry Freaks (2019) review

“An amazing horror film and a gripping exploration of the cycle of abuse and the horrors child-abuse quite often lead to.”

Liverleaf (2018) review

“A timely reminder that Japanese society has to take bullying and its effects more seriously/”

Mukuro Trilogy (2015) review

“The narratives do underline Katsumi Sasaki’s potential to become one of the best directors of the genre.”

Bloody Chainsaw Girl (2016) review

“An enjoyable narrative [that] frames (…) gore in such an enjoyable and satisfying way [but will eventually leave] (…) spectators (…) wanting for more.” Introduction While Hiroki Yamaguchi impressed international audiences with his sci-fi horror Hellevator (2004), a surprise hit on that years Fantasia Film Festival, he has remained largely unnoticed with the rest of his…