Setagaya Game (2023) review

The Ohara Bros do not only offer the spectator a pleasant concatenation of kicks and punches, but also deliver a touching emotional pay-off.

Dream of Euglena (2019) review

A heart-warming exploration of the importance of finding a dream/desire to give’s one conduct and speech its socially constructive direction.

Short Movie Time: Detouring Blue (2023) (OAFF 2023)

A highly recommended short that touchingly shows that what dooms the subject to the de-subjectifying effect of the societal Other or to the birth of a subjective deadlock is a situation that chains his/her desire.

Shiori’s Naughty Dreams (2019)

Amane’s narrative is not simply a great ero-horror, but an enthralling experience that confronts the spectator with the ultimately finality of his own desire: his own demise.

New Religion (2022) review

A splendid horror-drama narrative that will keep the spectator on the edge of his seat from start to finish.