Sword of Doom (1966) review

“Everything one can and should expect from a samurai narrative [ is present]. A true classic that has stood the test time.”  

Deadly Fight in Hiroshima (1973) Review

“[This] faithful account of the post-war Japanese underworld is downright fabulous to behold, [and the] lack of humanity [that underpins the narrative] (…) a serene but (…) depressing confrontation with the deregulating nature of man’s enjoyment beyond any heroism whatsoever.”

監督との話し合い: Tadashi Nagayama [日本語]

Introduction With Journey of the Tortoise receiving a glaring review on this blog, we were very interested to sit down and have a chat with Tadashi Nagayama about his past, his present and his future. With short and to the point answers, Nagayama provides an interesting insight in his mind and his subject.

Bloody Chainsaw Girl (2016) review

“An enjoyable narrative [that] frames (…) gore in such an enjoyable and satisfying way [but will eventually leave] (…) spectators (…) wanting for more.” Introduction While Hiroki Yamaguchi impressed international audiences with his sci-fi horror Hellevator (2004), a surprise hit on that years Fantasia Film Festival, he has remained largely unnoticed with the rest of his…

[Short Movie Time] Ache (2017) Review

“Despite the technical shortcomings of the narrative, the artistic talent of Endo is evident and her ability to cause emotion and evoke symbolism comes nicely to the fore.” Introduction In an attempt to further support upcoming Japanese directors, we also decided to review shorts and interview, when possible, the directors behind them. In most cases these…

After the storm (2016) review

“Kore-eda once again gently touches upon the fundamental importance of reminiscing the past and treasuring small moments of happiness, while underlining in a subtle but precise way the complexity of relationships.”

Blade of the Immortal (2017) Review

“As limbs get scattered and blood flows, one comes to realize that there might be only one Japanese director who can compose these massacres with such stylish precision.”

All Time Best Top 10: Jun Tanaka. (Jp/Eng)

““Movies are not to understand something, but to crumble down what you thought you knew with a rattling noise”. With this movie, you can experience the words of this famous movie-critic.” Introduction To celebrate today’s announcement of Tanaka Jun’s Bamy being part of the Torino 35, the competition section of the Torino film festival, we…

A Bride for Rip Van Winkle (2016) Review

Introduction  Shunji Iwai is nothing other than a legendary director. Having made narratives like Love Letter (1995) and All About Lily Chou-Chou (2001), he has made a name for himself as a director that investigates how subjects, who find themselves seemingly cut off from society and the social bond, still find a way, even if understanding each other is difficult…

Party ’round the globe (2017) Review

“[The] narrative (…) exert[s] a strange charming attraction on the spectator [while painting] a purified account of the guiding nature of desire and the importance of taking part in the social field.”