Short Series: introduction to Japanese “erotic” photography.


Introducing the short series to Japanese ‘Erotic’ photography

Not too long ago, I visited a friend to discuss some psychoanalysis and saw a book dedicated to “erotic” photography lying there on the table. It’s not uncommon to find books wandering around at my friend’s house, but it was rather funny to discover a book, whose cover was a picture of underwear hanging on a clothesline.

I asked my friend – I’m always the friendly guy – if I could have a look inside. He smiled slightlyhs01 and nodded. I enclosed the book with both hands and took it, positioning it in all its glory on my lap. A picture of underwear hanging on a clothesline … What else could this heavy book contain, I asked myself. More precisely I asked myself: what could this book contain concerning Japanese photography.

While my friend was still smiling at me, I opened the book and started to seek the Japanese photographers. I asked him a piece of paper and noted down the names of the Japanese photographers I found. After my friend had given me some writing material, he asked: why don’t you write something about it on your blog? I said: What did you think I’m planning?

In this short series, in this journey that we’ll undertake in the coming weeks, we aim to present Japanese ‘erotic’ photography – or better put Japanese photographers that are categorized as erotic photographers, while putting the signifier ‘erotic’, in light of the photographer that we’re presenting, into question. We hope, by way of this journey, to come to a better understanding of what constitutes eroticism and to discover if there’s such a thing as an eroticism that is distinctively Japanese.

The following Japanese photographers will be part of this short series: Sakiko Nomura, Ken-Ichi Murata, Maki Mayashita, Noritoshi Hirakawa, Nobuyoshi Araki, Tomohide Ikeya, Yasuji Watanabe.


Note 1: Picture by Maki Miyashita


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