Japanese Erotic Photography: Maki Miyashita

Introduction Next up in our trip through Japanese erotic photography is the female photographer Maki Miyashita (宮下 マキ), who was born in 1975 in Kagoshima, Kyushu. Even though she started studying film at the Kyoto college of Art, her interest shifted to photography while working a part-time job at a film processing lab in Kyoto….

Japanese ‘erotic’ photography: 村田兼一, Ken-ichi Murata. (Part 1)

Introduction Before we formally introduce Ken-Ichi Murata and his oeuvre, we’re obliged to recapitulate any ideas that we’ve formulated in our discussion of Sakiko Nomura. This will enable us as well as the reader to see if our formulations need further elaboration of diversification. The central idea in our previous discussion was that there is…