Culture files: Himeji castle



Upon hearing the name Himeji, most people would instantly think of the castle the city is famous for, while forgetting the lesser known Mount Shosha (書写山, Shoshazan) where Engyoji (円教寺, Engyōji), a temple complex, is situated. As Himeji castle, also know as the White Egret Castle (shirasagijo), is one of the few extant castles preserved in their original form, this should not come as a great surprise.

Even if it shouldn’t come as a great surprise, we do feel it might be interesting to provide a thorough intro-guide-review of this fabulous castle and underline why it really shouldn’t be ignored if one is travelling in the Kansai region. Besides reviewing and introducing this castle, we want to provide some important elements of information that could augment the pleasure of visiting this castle.

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