Mono no aware: An addendum to Umimachi diary in springtime


“The poetry of Yamato has one 􀂝heart􀂞 as seed and myriad words as leaves. This
kokoro is the one that knows mono no aware.” (In preface of Kokinshū, see note 1).

An Introduction for springtime.

The Sakura trees are blossoming, the casket of nihonshu has been broken, the time to enjoy Ohanami with friends, lovers, and/or family has come. As I enjoyed this year’s Ohanami, I was surprised when I started to reminiscence a scene of a cinematographical narrative I have reviewed some months ago.

The movie in question was Umimachi diary and the scene, as shown above as banner, was the springtime bicycle scene. Apart from the apparent connection of springtime, one might wonder why I want to revisit this narrative. The main reason is to elucidate the signifier “mono no aware” I introduced in the conclusion and to “reinterpret” some of my writings on this fantastic movie.

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