On quotes and on writing

Sometimes a sentence or a small corpus of text has the power to touch one’s very being; the power to reverberate through one’s psyche. When a sentence or a text realizes this potential it proves the three following interdependent things.

The introduction of the term ‘moteki’.

  The term moteki/モテキ (see note 1)  is a Japanese slang term for a period of time, usually a one-and-only period of time, where one becomes popular with the opposite sex. Although it’s written in katakana (see note 2) the signifier is a composition, contraction, of two Japanese words. To be able to fully understand this signifier…

Sakutarō Hagiwara (萩原 朔太郎): introduction.

“On reading Dostoevsky’s works, Sakutaro felt that he had found a soulmate, commenting that while he had learned philosophy from Nietzsche, poetry that is, rhythm-from Poe, he had learnt psychology from Dostoevsky (Hayes, 1996, p. 98).”