Forma (review)


“A fantastic psychological journey into the drama of the the (unsaid) signifier”.

Introduction: Ayako Kaneshiro (Nagisa Umeno) is a young, mid-20s woman who still lives with her emotionally reserved father (Ken Mitsuishi). One night, while travelling home after work, Ayako meets a former classmate, Yukari Hosaka (Emiko Matsuoka) at a construction site where she works directing traffic.  This chance meeting rekindles their friendship, with Ayako offering Yukari a job at the company where she’s an office manager. But from the moment they’re colleagues, Ayako starts to belittle her friend, undermining her at every turn. And thus the question arises: Were they even friends to begin with?

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Introduction of the term  

The signifier Zentai (ゼンタイ) is a portmanteau word, which is a word or morpheme whose form and meaning are derived from a blending of two or more distinct forms.

Zentai derives from the term: “zenshin taitsu”, 全身タイツ. Let’s take a closer look at that last signifier and the kanji’s and katakana’s of which it is composed.

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An ordinary way of saying what’s to come

Hello, こんにちわ, to everyone who’s reading this, to everyone whose interest in Japanese culture (the high and/or the low arts) made him find this blog.

I want to give everyone a brief heads-up, a brief look into the future. No, not into your future, but into the future of this blog. For this, I ask, like Robin Hood in Mel Brooks’ Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993): “Lend me your ears”.

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